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  • Authorized  Dealer for "Rainier Windows" : Semi-Rigid Panels
  • Authorized Dealer for "Fisher Boat Covers" :  Winter Storage Covers
  • Bimini Tops 
  • Convertible Tops
  • Mooring Covers
  • Travel Covers
  • Lace-on Tops
  • Windshield Covers
  • Bridge Covers
  • Winter Covers
  • Cockpit Covers
  • Center Console Cover
  • Virtually any Canvas repairs or re-glassing
  • Camper-backs
  • Custom Frame Bending (Stainless Steel 7/8” or 1”)
  • Screening
  • “U” Zips or “Frowns”
  • Full Enclosures off Hard tops or Biminis
  • Mini-enclosures for “T” Tops used on Center Consoles
  • Dodgers
  • Spray Hoods


      We use only the best materials available for the job.  Some fabrics are better suited then others for a particular application.  The clear Vinyl (We call it “glass”) comes in a variety of qualities.We will discuss material issues with you while developing an estimate.  When selecting a flexible clear vinyl for your enclosure panels, we strongly recommend the top-of-the-line, which is Strataglass™.  It is 40 Mil thick, rollable, press-polished, UV and scratch resistant and looks great for years!  It’s the best flexible window material on the market. 

     To the extent possible, we use Stainless Steel hardware and the strongest thread available.  For “breathable” fabric we recommend Sunbrella™ Acrylics.  Our premier enclosure trim material is Stamoid™ for its excellent UV properties, strength and just plain good looks. 


       Our fabrication techniques embrace the latest developments in the industry.  We know what it takes to produce the best possible results...and we do it for every job.  By communicating with our customers and educating them on the processes we use as well as the materials recommended, we have found that they appreciate a quality job and we choose to do only quality work. 

     It is a fact that we have the absolute best customers in the world, most of whom I see on the water quite a bit and we will not disappoint them…period.

Discussion on Clear Vinyl (Referred to as “glass”)

30 Mil Extruded Roll Vinyl

     This material is the least expensive material that can be used for enclosure panels.  It is not particularly clear and it does not have a very long useful life.  Though the cost-per-panel is less, we do not recommend using this material except for some “re-glassing” situations or for smaller boats.  

40 Mil Press-polished Sheet Vinyl


     This material has very good clarity and is well suited for use in most enclosure panels.  We will use this material is some applications but seldom on forward panels or panels that will be rolled up often.  It is not scratch resistent but has a very good useful life.

Strataglass™   40 Mil Press-polished Sheet Vinyl

     This material is the best choice for flexible enclosure panels.  It has excellent UV-blocking properties, it rolls very well, it is very scratch resistant and the clarity is outstanding.  Further, it resists wear and “yellowing” more that the choices above.  It has been our experience that it is well worth the increased cost of this product for the extended life and exceptional clarity.  It is our best seller. 

60 Mil Polycarbonate

            The newer polycarbonates have finally solved the old problem of yellowing.  They are even more scratch-resistant than the materials we had 3 or 4 years ago.  This now allows us to offer an upgrade from rollable vinyls to semi-rigid polycarbonates.  The cost is a bit more than Strataglass panels and a bit less then the Rainier Windows panels (see below).  It takes us about one hour longer to make a polycarbonate panel and the material costs are a bit higher than Strataglass.  The clarity is excellent making it a good choice for most panel applications. 

Rainier Windows™


This product is the top-of-the-line alternative to soft-vinyl enclosure panels.  When you consider your next enclosure, think carefully about your choice of window material.  The flexible vinyls listed above were once the best we had to offer...with the introduction of the new Rainier Window (Formally Barrett Bonded Windows) we have moved to the next generation of rigid window materials. 

As clear as glass, the long-lasting RainierWindow is specially coated to provide maximum UV protection (98%) as well as excellent scratch resistance. Made with silicate-coated polycarbonate it will not yellow or wrinkle like traditional vinyl windows. The Rainier Window utilizes a seamless construction technique that permanently bonds the window to fabric or vinyl using a patented process. The result is an unmatched sleek fit and finish.

We are factory-trained authorized dealers for Rainier Windows and we highly recommend this system for larger boats and many Flybridge applications where superior clarity is required.  The cost is about twice that of conventional flexible vinyl panels and it lasts about three times as long.  The results are absolutely breathtaking!

As I said…this is the “top-of-the-line”! 

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